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Everything else about my art, stories, and life randomness with occasional doodles. PS: my drawing account with my pictures is in my other account ... the-art-of-t3f3r.tumblr.com
The corner of T3f3r and fancy
Anonymous sent:

Have you ever made a joke or pun to someone, BUT you were the only one laughing about it?


Yeah. today actually lmao. Okay so in the scarlet letter Hester has a daughter named Pearl and I was like lmao mother of pearl and idk i was the only person who found it funny.

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I’m really tempted to open up some quick little requests.

I’ve run out of things to draw. 

Would anyone be remotely interested?

Oh, I would!! (=^・ω・^)

I would too! (・◇・)ノ*:・゚✧

luxuryacaraplushie sent:

I like how in some of your super fast sketches ren's cheekbones are sharp enough to kill a man. It's like his secret backup weapon, rubbing his face on people until they die





Come on Tay. You didn’t see that Kacheeky response coming from a mile away?




This game didn’t seem to get much attention, but the people who did admit to liking it apparently loved it to pieces. I just want to see if its fanbase is really as small as it appears.

[ I wanted to try and answer these 11 questions from my friend jacques—the—swift, because it looked like fun! >w< ]

1. If you could get any retired avatar, which one would you want?

The Valentine Chia Pet avatar. I had that on my old account… But it got frozened….  Darn! 

2. What sounds better: a Neopets themed cafe or a Neopets themed Amusement park.

Hmm I go with the Neopets themed Amuesement Park. That way there can be Neopet themed cafe’s in it! xD

3. Continuing off the last question, sorta, come up with a ride that one might see at a NeoAmusement Park

Oh man.. I made this long post before about the 'Attack of the Revenge' ride and how I wished it was real… It was suppose to work almost like 'The Mummy' ride in Universal Studios…. except more explosions, canon balls, and crazy stuff xD

4. What’s one NC item you’d like to see in the future?

I think a cute short wig that can work for Kyrii’s (boy and girls)? There needs to be more short haired Kyriis out there in Neopia. 

5. If you could have one drink/food item from Neopets be real, what would you want?

Tigersquash. I think they are so cute. And I believed they would taste like Sweet potatoes or Pumpkin with a hint of orange? Only because Tigersquash can be in desserts so I thought about that….

And yes I love Tigersquashes, don’t judge me. 

6. Neopets got it’s own cartoon! What’s it about?

Action! Adventure! Suspense! And it’s about the Darkest Faerie Plot. *looks at neojammy* I think she’ll get it. 

OR! It’s about COM pirates…. Because pirates are cool. 

7. What is your favorite name of one of your Neopets? The one that you like the most. c:

That’s so hard! I love Iago_Cassio because his name is from my two favorite characters in my favorite Shakespeare story ‘Othello’ (Iago and Cassio). 

BUT I love Emile_St4g because my baby Emile was a character I made in 5th grade? I love him to pieces~ 

8. What do you think this year’s Halloween site thing is going to be?

A.) Another Spooky food eating contest thing. B.) Maybe something with Captain Scarblade? After all, wasn’t he laughing all over the place before the transition? C.) Another haunted catacomb place that leads to a discovery of a new place! Yeah yeah? Oh well… just a few guesses…

9. Are you more excited for the site’s Halloween event or for Christmas time?

Why not both? But mostly Halloween, since my birthday is coming up soon~ EEEE 

10. What’s one animation you’d like to see on the Advent Calendar this year?

Maybe one with Nabile and Jazan? Or maybe one with Garin and Jacques? 

OH OH OH OH OH, maybe one with Sophie the Swamp witch~! Yeah that one. 

11. I can’t think of anything else because I am a huge foofie head. I’ll use this space to tell you to have a nice day. uw u

Aww, have a nice day too~ (ノ)ノ*:・゚✧