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Everything else about my art, stories, and life randomness with occasional doodles. PS: my drawing account with my pictures is in my other account ... the-art-of-t3f3r.tumblr.com
The corner of T3f3r and fancy
spiritimmortal sent:

Uaa, what picture is the cutest! *saves to folder ♥*

Gahhhh, thank you so much~ It was just a little doodle thing I did, but I’m glad you liked it ~♥♥♥



*Has to go to work* 
*tries to take decent Face-Day picture*
*Takes like 20 pictures and they don’t turn out right*
*Mom will be here in 5 minutes*
*Throws random picture up* 

Ta-da face day.
Don’t mind that it’s side-ways its the only one I took that didn’t have like one dimple showing weirdly like—


I don’t think face day pictures are supposed to be this long oops.
I’m sorry I’m gonna go to work now askldjs

spiritimmortal sent:

Hehe!I don't think we'd love him nearly as much if he was some goodie two-shes ;) (Besides, we know he's a big softie inside, especially with Nabile around!)

Haha, yup! And that’s why I love him so much too~


Big super softy Kyrii prince~ *squeee*


i have the stupidest story ever for how i got into neopets - it’s because in 4th grade i overheard some kid in my class talking about it and i was like “what’s that?” and he was like “oh it’s a website about frogs.”




can I declare it’s neotag face day/ pet day?

like lets not limit this to just cats

post ur face

post ur dog

post ur cat

post ur lizard

post ur fish

just go it, neotag

yes do the thing

i want to see your pets


just politely ask why they deleted and tell them you don’t like when people delete your caption

Thank you so much for the help Grumpywocky!! ; ^ ;


oh my, that’s not good. well, this hasn’t happened to me, but if i was in your place, i’d probably ask the person who deleted your description why they did it, and in the future, to not do it again. you know, courtesy and all to the artist!

and from there, if you happen to remember what you put in the description, you could always go back and edit the post to include it again. if not, then i suppose you could leave it as is or put down what you remember

Ah, thank you so much for the help too Lady cake! *hugs* Luckily I have the original post saved in my tags. *Phew* 


So I finally sent a short and nice message to the person, hopefully they’ll answer back soon… UGH, but this is killing me…

Okay I thought this would be important to bring up…Like last year or something I made two Animal Crossing picture sets…

And so, whenever someone reblogs my picture sets, I always go on to see their page (so I can see their tags VwV) But here’s the thing.

Someone reblogged one of my picture sets… and it looks like the person deleted my description from my post. The description was short and it had songs to show that it was a part of the picture set.

What should I do? I want to ask the person why they deleted it, or if they can delete the post so everyone can reblog the post with the description in it… but I just don’t know what to do…. (it also has 99 notes so far on it).

Can someone help me out?